"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

Say what now£ 25 January, 2009 | comment

okay, this is something that I absolutely have to put into everyone's (at least whoever reads this') attention.
At the very time of writing this 1 GBP = 9.547 NOK. (Follow the rate here)
That is almost a full 10% decrease from a bit under a week ago. Times are crazy and Britain's falling ever deeper into the recession.
If there ever was a time to be glad to be a Norwegian citizen in the UK then now is it. Norway is less affected by the financial crisis than the UK and that is all there is to say about it. But every world economy is taking a heavy blow. Let us hope the world escapes recession in a year or two years.

Og dette trodde jeg hadde vært åpenbart lenge.

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Take a step 22 January, 2009 | comment

I used to know my 10 before counting to nine.
What happened? When did I stop counting?

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It's pre-morning 21 January, 2009 | comment

Bring Me Light
Bring Me Light
The Lanes, Brighton, UK.
Showers of rain has been haunting this town for some days now. And I seem to see those reflective jackets more and more as well as the rain.

The rain is getting annoying. Someone needs to do something about it.
Proper constant rain is fine with me. That's just refreshing. But these short 10 minute intervals of showers are just annoying. The skies need to make up their mind.

Exams and assignments coming up next week.. and I still haven't gotten rid of my insomniac. This is bad. It's 5.41am right now and I've been up since a bit before 5am. My body is starting to feel the stress of this irregular sleep pattern. Time to go back to bed again; to lie awake for another hour or two.
No lectures today, so that's good.

PS: Whoever invented exams-after-Christmas-holiday is a(n) [insert obscene word of choice].

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New URL 19 January, 2009 | comment

Just a little heads up.
As you can see I've updated the address from talleyway.blogspot.com to tallyway.blogspot.com.
I figured the other address would be a little misdirecting as I use TallyWay for my pseudo.
Now go update your bookmarks and RSS feeds (if applicable).


I see red.. | comment

My Restless Mess
My Restless Mess
This is my bed-corner.
Someone get it in order..
I've been having sleep problems lately and haven't made my bed for days.

Maybe I should. I recently did a proper cleaning of my room.. well, more or less, tidying up still looks messy when it comes to my spaces.
If it is true that a person's home is a reflection of the owner, then my life, my..me, is a very messy entity. I try to find order in the little bits; alphabetically organised books on the shelf, nicely folded and stored socks and clothes, lined up tubes of paint, a corner for every mess, but I strive to find balance.

I've been thinking, recently more so; What happens to people who never find a purpose to their life, never any goal, never any preference, those who just 'exist'? Is there a future in that? What is there, in a future?
Those days with no care in this world, where all I had to do was live up to my parents' expectations, my future was decided and I knew which roads to take, I miss those uncomplicated days at times.
People change, this planet changes, the universe changes; the only thing within our power is to savour the moments that we are granted. We all live different lives, but we all share the same time. Time: this arbitrary idea of something flowing.. a human creation.

Lately I've been getting a bit irritated at this aimlessness so I've decided, maybe. I'll start taking note of what I really want to do. Where I'm headed and which turns to take. I don't even know whether I enjoy what I am studying right now, despite finding it an interesting subject.
One step at a time, one rock at a time, some day, I'll travel those several miles up that mountain.

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Discover Ubiquity 18 January, 2009 | comment

Figured as a computer-convenience/efficiency fanatic I'd be thus entitled to publicise my latest discovery. Its name is Ubiquity by Mozilla Firefox.
Don't get the wrong image here. I don't often go off on a rant to promote some application. But I found this thing pretty interesting and has great potential to become something big. I'm going to try to get used to using it for the fun of it and see where it gets me.
Evidently, it's an extension by mozilla for firefox.
Basically this little nifty thing's mission is to minimise the need for a mouse, maximise the number of commands possible from just the keyboard, and minimise the number of clicks and taps required for each desired task.
Still don't get it? Check this youtube clip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knNS-5em7xU
Get it now?

So, say I want to email something to someone. All I would have to do is hit a shortcut on my keyboard, type: email to me hi, I'm saying something.
And it would then email "hi, I'm saying something" to myself. And that's not all.
The standard number of commands the application comes with is quite little, so I went here and went ahead and added dozens of more commands. Now, if I'm curious about a currency conversion I just need to type: currency 1 GBP NOK. and I'm getting 10.2210 NOK

Be it a calculator, map search, google search, dictionary search, email, FB status update. this thing does it all. the number of things it can do is virtually limitless as long as you create or find a command for it to add to your repertoire.

If you're a Firefox user and are interested in making life easier on the digital side of your life, I recommend spending a couple minutes setting Ubiquity up and have a go at it. Worst case scenario, you find it useless or too complicated and don't use it.

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heyhowareyou 15 January, 2009 | comment

it must be said.
The most annoying passerby greeting that you can ever come across.
I'm not even going to put a question mark behind that because it's not even adressed as a question, it's not even said as a sentence. It's all one long word of a greeting.
No pauses in their steps, all you get is a quick smile and heyhowareyou, you manage to put across a 'hey' and if you're lucky, a quick smile back again, unless they already are five metres past you.
What's the point in even saying it if you're not going to stop and wait for an answer. At least do one of those two..

My suggestion? Take the word out of the English vernacular altogether. "Hi" should suffice if you're not asking a question anyway.

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Annoying points of notice | comment

it must be said.
I've been fiddling a little around with this blogger and have found a few annoying points.
The "recents" code is only listing posts from the currently viewed post and back in time. It doesn't start the list from the first post. That's a bug by blogger.
Another thing is that there is no function to automatically retrieve the "Next" post from the archive. There is only a ‹BloggerPreviousItems› function. Meaning, you can only go back in time from a post, not forward.


EDIT: PS: added the word "Comment(s)" next to the post title and number of comments on the main page. Still haven't figured out the "Bookmark" link on the post pages. And I'm going to try to temporarily place a link to the first post instead of a next-post-link.

EDIT2: Wonder whether I'm legally obliged to have that blogger bar at the top that every single other Blogger owner seem to have to have.

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Just in 14 January, 2009 | comment

through the door.

And that is a figure of speech just in case you didn't know. And it stands for; I just got back 'home' again a bit over an hour ago, dropped off some groceries (mostly liquids), had myself a bowl of cereal (I seem to be quite fond of that though I suspect a major factor to that is the convenience of it all), got myself a glass of nice and fresh cold water from a bottle I've left in the fridge (ice cold > tap cold), put the empty bowl next to the sink in the kitchen, clicked a bit around the net, and ended up here at Blogger.

I think I'll stick with 'just in through the door.' The shortest distance between two points is a straight line..right?

It's only 15:00 and I'm already feeling tired. I've managed to be what I consider to be quite productive so far. Went jogging today morning, had a proper and relaxing breakfast before heading out to town after: PS/2 extension cord for my keyboard, materials for a laundry bag(yup, still don't have one), a book, and liquid consumables.

I am tired and ready for a guilt-free nap that I will try to avoid taking.

So, anyone else out there excited about what is going to happen in exactly 6 days?

f(t) = t - 6 ; and counting.

On another note. One thing I've been wondering a little for a while now. Why aren't those four seaters (you know, those with two and two seats facing each other with extra large footspace) on buses the first seats that get taken when they're perfectly void of human presence. I know I head for those whenever they're empty.. one seat for my bag, one for me, one's footspace for me to stretch mine over. They already have dedicated seats for the elderly, and here at least, they have own seats along the wall further up front with an abundance of space for potential bags and/or luggage, so it's not like those are valid reasons.

Ps: I can't believe this blog is turning into just another rant-sphere.

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Just for the sake of it 13 January, 2009 | comment

Second post.. just for the sake of it. I mainly just want to see how it looks. I have a feeling this thing is going to end up not being much of a photoblog after all. Google's Blogger don't seem to allow the creation of new pages. Basically means the only pages I have is this one and the page you get when clicking the title.
The menu bar at the top as for now just links to the Blogger sites but I'll try to set something properly up elsewhere that doesn't rely on Blogger as I'm using this service only because of the simple blogging solutions.

The only possibility of creating another page would then be to create a link to a separate site entirely and make it look like it's still part of blogger. I'll probably do that then..so I can create a photo gallery somewhere for the day when this becomes an actual photoblog.

EDIT: just to make sure everyone gets this. this is just a temporary solution till I finish my own webpage...(if I ever finish it)

EDIT2: I just found out that the sliding function of the menu at the top isn't always working for some reason. I'll get that sorted out soon enough.

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Finally set up..? | comment

Alright, here's my first post to test the so far functionality of this blog template. I've spent a couple hours finishing this up and therefore have high hopes for the completion of this thing. I wonder whether I'll be able to keep up with the posting regularly thing..

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