"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

I see red..

My Restless Mess
My Restless Mess
This is my bed-corner.
Someone get it in order..
I've been having sleep problems lately and haven't made my bed for days.

Maybe I should. I recently did a proper cleaning of my room.. well, more or less, tidying up still looks messy when it comes to my spaces.
If it is true that a person's home is a reflection of the owner, then my life, my..me, is a very messy entity. I try to find order in the little bits; alphabetically organised books on the shelf, nicely folded and stored socks and clothes, lined up tubes of paint, a corner for every mess, but I strive to find balance.

I've been thinking, recently more so; What happens to people who never find a purpose to their life, never any goal, never any preference, those who just 'exist'? Is there a future in that? What is there, in a future?
Those days with no care in this world, where all I had to do was live up to my parents' expectations, my future was decided and I knew which roads to take, I miss those uncomplicated days at times.
People change, this planet changes, the universe changes; the only thing within our power is to savour the moments that we are granted. We all live different lives, but we all share the same time. Time: this arbitrary idea of something flowing.. a human creation.

Lately I've been getting a bit irritated at this aimlessness so I've decided, maybe. I'll start taking note of what I really want to do. Where I'm headed and which turns to take. I don't even know whether I enjoy what I am studying right now, despite finding it an interesting subject.
One step at a time, one rock at a time, some day, I'll travel those several miles up that mountain.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    19/01/2009, 11:28  

    but. "photo currently available". i washed my room with grønnsåpe yestderday, and did the washing up and now it looks terrible again. neglect. ugh.

    if you don't like anonymity i shall assume a pseudonym instead. actually- do you have any idea how much it costs to change one's name legally in norway? thinking of changing my middle name and annihilating one of my surnames. the maternal one. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    19/01/2009, 11:29  

    AND that was meant to say "photo currently UNavailable". top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    19/01/2009, 11:37  

    http://fautedautrechose.blogspot.com/ top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    19/01/2009, 11:59  

    I think th'disponibilité is fixed now. Seems I linked to a wrong photo.
    And, you're late with sharing that crucial piece of information there. How long were you planning on keeping this a secret huh? top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    19/01/2009, 12:05  

    og, tror ikkje dt koste någe med navneskifte. Du må bare registrere hos, skattekontoret (dvs. folkeregisteret), justis og politidepartementet, og melde fra om endring av navn hos banker, medlemskaper, skole, osv.
    Bare masse papirarbeid altså. :p top

  • Blogger Antigone says:
    19/01/2009, 17:00  

    hahaha i clicked on "merk blogg" above here because i thought it was the same as "bookmark this blog" and apparently no, its for reporting to blogger angåande upassande innhald. lol. men eg fjerna det no så du burde ikkje få noko problem. eg skal see what i can do, but no var du ganske morosam du. you're asking me to copy and past my html code, whatever that is. it's nice to be overestimanted but i afraid i just use a standard "mal" for bloggen min. unfortunately. but as i said, i shall look over your instructions and see if there's any possible way of being "copying" some sort of "code". :P top

  • Blogger Antigone says:
    19/01/2009, 21:36  

    it doesnt let me paste the html here. email? top

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