"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

Time is a real illusion 31 May, 2009 | comment

London Classic Bus Hire
London Classic Bus Hire
I took these photos a while back but have simply been far too busy to deal with them. Evidently I found some yesterday night and today afternoon so here they are.

Went rollerblading along the seaside that day for a couple hours. Real nice weather.
PS: Got to love rollerblading.

I think I like this one better large.

I have been a bit over-my-head busy lately and it's mostly my own fault.
Procrastination has never been and will never be a good friend of mine.
I need to start doing things at a more organised and dispersed pace.
Longing for trips to the seaside to feel the warmth on my skin, not just through my eyes, through a double layer of glass.

My list-system is slowly breaking down.
Let me explain; a little after the end of the Christmas vacation this year I decided to start listing things I need to get done, the decision came closely linked to my other organisation decision with an agenda.
It started out as a simple list of all the things I need to get done, ranging from reminding myself to eat the apple before it went bad, to assignments and things I need to get researched. Post-it was my friend and they adorn a strip of my wall. The story goes on; the list evolved, noticing it was disorganised and accepting that not all points were as important as others. So, I divided the list up in three: the "Very important and needs to get done soon" list, a "Get it done some time when you find the time" list, and "Do it some day.." (i.e. unrealistic to think I'll bother to do it anytime soon anyway).
Assignments with deadlines and things to research got the left most spot, apples and union work type things went in the middle, and lastly more future-oriented things in the last.

The list ran a good life, crossing off things more often on the important list, a little less often on the second, and practically never on the last. But as all things needing much effort with me, I stopped giving it the necessary effort required. Summing it up in one word: procrastination. Not only did I start pushing things to the last minute, I also stopped bothering to put up everything I needed to get done. The middle and right-most list have been unchanged for a while and the left-most (most important) list is only occasionally being altered and crossed.

As I'm writing I'm realising that all I'm doing is whining. That was a good system and it got things done more efficiently. I'm telling myself I'm too busy right now to resurrect the list yet here I am sitting on blogger. Now that I've confessed I better go restore the list and see whether it can be effective once again.
Maybe it'll pay off with a treat to the beach under the shining sun. I sure need one.

In other news;
Two or three posts ago I had different topics in mind than the ones I ended up with. Those topics ended up as a small .txt list and have been left on my desktop for a while. They were going to enter in this post but my mind had other things in mind.
I'll list them here, expect them to appear in the next post.
- glasses of perception
- foreign-language, public space, and noise
- the unsettling heart
- thanksno

Until then..

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A Collective 25 May, 2009 | comment

Roadside jog
Roadside jog
Perfect day for it too.

As per, request? View Large On Black

I should be focusing on a couple assignments right now but my mind is floating elsewhere so I'll allow it to float away for a while before fetching it back again.

I'll be saving long passages for my actual work so I'll keep this short-esque.

It's May and May Day/International Worker's Day as well as the Norwegian national day (17th May) has recently passed by. Sometimes it is interesting seeing how easily the larger population is stirred into collective movement, even if it is just a general celebration that quite possibly only a portion knows the true meanings behind. I'm reminded of a short story by Shirley Jackson that goes by the title The Lottery. It's a story, if loosely looked upon, that can easily be society today. Ritualistic traditions passed on as nothing more than a tradition. I'm not pointing to the previously mentioned two celebrations, Labour Day and a national day serve their historical purposes and society and the present is simply the accumulation of history so far. There are many things that can be blamed for some of the more unreasonable ones; capitalism, consumerism, socialism, etc. Surely you've noticed the widespread celebration of Christmas in recent years? Even in nations who are not particularly religious. I'm sure some traditions can be justified with logic and proper explanations, but let's face it, that's not the main reason many are still around. When an occasion arrives, what is the more likely immediate thought: "I'm celebrating today because [insert historical meaning]." or "I'm celebrating today because that's what I did last year and all the previous years, but let's not forget, because everyone else is." Take for example the tradition of quiet Sundays. Now I don't know about your country but where I'm from it is as if the country shuts down that very day, every week. The same goes for some international holidays on an international scale. Stock markets slow down certain days for example. Collective movement is a powerful thing. I'm not criticising anything in particular, I am merely expressing a general observation that we all know but may not give enough thought. Culture, traditions, history, are all important, logic is sometimes too.
We're all headed somewhere and won't know how it looks till we're there.

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