"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.


Go green
Go green
Nothing I take comes out the way I want these days so instead I do some mindless random swinging around of the camera in hopes of setting off some sparks in my head.

Been a while.
80 days, 15 hours, 39 minutes to be exact.

This will be short.
Just to follow up on some of this post. (bullet-points at the bottom)
http://www.thanksno.com/ [Just fun (and a heads up to all that's reading, clicking, writing and sending).]

As for the "unsettling heart". I'm much better now thank-you-very-much. Some things are being sorted, have been sorted, will be sorted, will be dealt with, and some are still unsettled but not as invisible. I'll make the next post more meaningful since I've now finally pulled the switch and put gears in motion. Hopefully they're greased and will keep turning.
Who knows, maybe I'll cover the remaining bullets.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    27/08/2009, 20:05  

    Think I've missed something. Dårleg. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    28/08/2009, 02:44  

    I just re-looked at this. And I like how the "go green" (nice pun if it was supposed to be one) picture looks a bit like an ad/promotion poster for environmental consciousness. top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    28/08/2009, 11:42  

    Well sorry for not reaching your high standards. My usual rule is to upload flickr photos first, then post. I have photos to upload, I just haven't yet. I'll be doing the posting in that order so no new post till my flickr is decorated with new photos. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    29/08/2009, 23:32  

    What are you on about? Dårleg was referring to my having missed something, not related to the quality of the innlegg. I like. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    31/08/2009, 00:19  

    Third observation (yes I'm blog-stalking you). I admire the ambiguity of the title "filler", at once signifying filler as in "filling in/oppdatering/update", but also suggestive of the norwegian word filler, as in ragged pieces of broken torn pieces of cloth... something.

    Very awesome. top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    05/09/2009, 14:52  

    Hm, anonymous stalker. Worried.
    Filler as in 'oh,no' mostly.
    Nice to be noticed.
    Who else if not Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms./Dr. Anonymous to pay attention. top

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    05/09/2009, 17:18  

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