"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

Restless moments of the week.

The Last
The Last
moments of light before the darkness of reality forces itself back out.

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So I've been quite busy with books and the library and all that lately but when things start becoming too monotonous my brain starts becoming heterogeneous. What that means to the space that I call my personal is relocation and silly ideas. It has only been two days since I started my search for another world but so far I have glued (not strong) two small wooden blocks to my work desk so I can prop my laptop up against the wall easier. That isn't much of a change from how I've had it up till now other than now the prop is wood and not white-tack. Taking the laptop down is much easier now. And if you're wondering how I use the keyboard now then Synergy is the answer; one keyboard, one mouse, two komputers.
I've also reorganised everything to the right of my computers, I call it efficiency upgrade.. but that is just to make myself feel that I didn't waste half an hour of my life.
I used to have a laundry bag I was going to make but my fingers were too lazy at first and then too busy to finish that project. The materials are still lying in the bottom right of my wardrobe, right where they were a month ago too. I need that bag quite sorely. Some day, some time.
In five minutes I will start searching for the blogger code to add an "Older Posts" and "Newer Posts" link to my blog.

EDIT: here's a beautiful mspaint demonstration of how my computers are set up.

Speaking of websites, yesterday I put a drafted one together, one of those personal websites, based on the strange design I came up with three posts ago. It's not too bad and definitely need working on. I have a well of other ideas I want to realise into concept ideas some day. I'll try for something less, hmm, simple next time.
Go check it out: http://www.geocities.com/talleyway/index.html
Unfortunately I don't have a personal webspace and am too lazy to go searching for a good free service so I popped it into my existing geocities account. Click away the ad-sidebar when you're there.

Been checking out pixelpost lately. A great photoblogging application for databasing and showcasing photography. Fully customiseable. I'll be working with that a little in the near future.

Tom Clancy's End War is finally out for PC. Can't wait to try it out. Voice recognition warfare. *drool* I haven't bought a game in years but I think this will be next in line if the offline turns out to prove good prospects for online gaming.

As for my twitter-week experience. It started out alright, quite fun to share bits and pieces of my everyday life. But it only took one day to start feeling imposed upon by the intraweb. I found it increasingly harder and harder to keep up the updates as I wanted to share less and less information (apart from it being tedious to announce every bit of my day). It was a little relieving to be able to share some of my personal life even if there might not have been anyone on the receiving end. But Susan Greeenfield would beg to differ. I can see the angle she is coming from. The social community today has morphed to something very different from what it used to be only a decade ago. The constantly shifting economy of knowledge is a very different world as specialisation become the keyword of the century. Technology is growing and the world is shrinking.
Keep up, the times are changing.

Currently rediscovered playlist: Feist - Let It Die

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    28/02/2009, 00:44  

    feist ja. i'll leave you to drool over your new game then. og eg likte din twittering, det allowed me å vere stalker i the privacy of my own home. : ).

    hamster. (something that i used to spell "hamPster" top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    28/02/2009, 08:51  

    ahh, drooling period is over, now it's just engagement for another day or two. after that about a week or two of interest, then it'll go into the just-another-game list.

    Jeg holder jo fremdeles på med å twitte her og der da.. litt ihvertfall. It's nice to be stalked don't you think? You who should know. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    28/02/2009, 17:58  

    det er no ei heilt annan sak å bli stalked av eit koseleg menneske enn å bli stalked av ein ekling. så våre opplevelser kan nok ikkje samanliknast. top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    28/02/2009, 20:08  

    Syns det va någe av heilt det same eg. E ikkje du ein ekling då? Anonymous and all. ;) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    28/02/2009, 21:08  

    slemt sagt top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    01/03/2009, 07:41  

    ka vett eg vel mr/ms/mrs/miss. Anonymous hamPster. ^^ top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    01/03/2009, 11:20  

    testing new comment form. top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    01/03/2009, 11:59  

    testing newly implemented comment form below post. top

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