"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

I Am Twittering

Alright. All that hype about Twitter and such and such. I figured I should jump on the train as well and follow the rest of the world wide web and be a nice little sheep.
What is there to say. Twitter...twitter,twitter,twitter. A little device that has taken "Facebook Status'" to the next level. Take Facebook, cut out all the photo albums, the wall, the applications, the events, etc.etc. and only leave the status field and friends list and you'll have Twitter.
You see, some people don't think letting complete aliens know how your day was is enough. Twitter allows you to let the world know you're going to the bathroom, having your dinner, picking your nose, buying groceries, and all the rest of your sad little senseless life.

It is therefore I will indulge myself with this fun little interactive website and see if I can pull off a full week of constant 'twittering' (I believe that word has now been coined by the twitters, yes; "Twitters" *shudder*).
So, starting today, Saturday 14th February 2009 till Saturday 21st February 2009 I will be actively twittering whatever useless information of my day to day life I can muster.. if I make it.
Let us call it a social experiment to get a slight grasp of what the personal tweeters go through.

No, no I don't have anything better to do.

Now come read my week as I live it. https://twitter.com/TallyWeek
*add me if you're already Twittering, if you're not, follow me anyway.

More info on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/, if you're interested.

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