"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

It's pre-morning

Bring Me Light
Bring Me Light
The Lanes, Brighton, UK.
Showers of rain has been haunting this town for some days now. And I seem to see those reflective jackets more and more as well as the rain.

The rain is getting annoying. Someone needs to do something about it.
Proper constant rain is fine with me. That's just refreshing. But these short 10 minute intervals of showers are just annoying. The skies need to make up their mind.

Exams and assignments coming up next week.. and I still haven't gotten rid of my insomniac. This is bad. It's 5.41am right now and I've been up since a bit before 5am. My body is starting to feel the stress of this irregular sleep pattern. Time to go back to bed again; to lie awake for another hour or two.
No lectures today, so that's good.

PS: Whoever invented exams-after-Christmas-holiday is a(n) [insert obscene word of choice].

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    21/01/2009, 09:22  

    brighton is cute. and that's pathetic fallacy right there. the rain i mean. reflecting the internal... drizzliness (?) that you're feeling. haha. maybe i should comment as a different person every time?

    ian top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    21/01/2009, 09:57  

    ah, didn't think of that. but it works. the weather is a reflection of my heart. Quite insightful of you Ian.
    Peter top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    21/01/2009, 10:03  

    And, there goes individuality and personality out the window. Or maybe not, The extreme of individuality? Several personalities? heh.. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    21/01/2009, 20:06  

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde baby.

    (we'll do like the authors of the nouveau roman movement did with their fictional characters and just give ourselves first letters for names. why? top

  • Blogger TallyWay says:
    22/01/2009, 09:37  

    did not know that. but now I do. heh. besides, vi kan skrive i forskjellige stiler for â recreate the nouveau roman movement at a større degree, but mostly just to seem like other people.
    Though it being an intsy'bitsy dif'rent b'cause we can'nt exact'ly bring for'th write'ing styles in short comments.

    Mr.X top

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