"Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny." [Camus]
My original intentions were to make this a photoblog, but fate seems otherwise determined. I live not far from an existential lifestyle and tend towards misanthropic beliefs. This is my blog.
Whether you read it or not is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you..for I do not care. Enjoy..or don't.

Did someone say Nineteeneightyfour? 27 April, 2009 | comment

Beauty is everywhere
Beauty is everywhere
even behind bars.

Go have a look and figure for yourself:
http://tinyurl.com/d4qmrf (This links to a BBC article. I apologise for using tinyurl but I'm just being on the safe side of.. things)
This is almost proof that BBC is generally and largely a government news organisation. If you read it and don't see what the big deal is then you need to read it again, this time between the lines.

They're 'subtly' trying to break to us that they will now monitor all electronic activity and backing it up by trying to create a contrast from the previous attempts at internet law enforcement where they aimed to monitor and to create one big government centralised information database. Ever considered what would happen with all that information in the wrong hands? That is, if the government is the right hands in the first place. Freedom of speech and expression now comes in the form of monitored and controlled activity.
"Ms Smith said that while the new system could record a visit to a social network, it would not record personal and private information such as photos or messages posted to a page.
"What we are talking about is who is at one end [of a communication] and who is at the other - and how they are communicating," she said."

Read that again. "[...]and how they are communicating." I'm sitting here puzzled now. So do they or don't they monitor the content of the activity? All they will monitor is then just what application, where, who, and what we, so called, 'communicate'? Sounds like "private information" to me.
I also read the word "voluntary" somewhere in the article but I don't see much 'voluntary' action when it's the software providers and ISPs who have the choice and not the customers.

This is step one. Will we allow it? Think about what step two might look like if step one is successful.

Did someone say...

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Hold on... | comment


I was completely off in my previous post. I managed to click to and consequently post the wrong photo thus discussing the wrong photo as well. Seems I have already been Explored 3 times. How strange. I didn't even notice. The above three photos are the ones that have been Explored. The third (beach) photo was the one I had mistakenly taken its five minutes from. But I am here to rectify so enjoy.

This also gives me the chance to inform you about an update. I have set up a temporary solution to scrolling to "Older Posts", the "Newer Posts" link however is just a 'back' link, I still need to figure that one out. Alternatively I've tried another way of doing the "Older/Newer Posts" links but that involved loading all my (so far 33) posts and only then paginate and apply "Older/Newer Posts". Meaning all it really does is hide the (30) older and newer posts while displaying the current(3). The result? You have to wait anywhere up to half a minute (on a 100kbps line) to load everything (so far about 3mb) before you can view my blog. Very impractical especially for a (photo) blog with lots of photos to load every time.

PS: I don't understand why it was these three photos with Exploredness. If it was up to me I wouldn't have chosen these three. In fact, I don't think I'd even suggest these three. But art is a subjective thing.. I guess.. apparently.

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Discoveries 25 April, 2009 | comment

Stone, Plank, Path
Stone, Plank, Path

So to restate what I wrote in my previous post, I just found out I've been Explored on flickr. Specifically the photo above. And since mid March too. How fun. It's my first Explored photo on flickr. Okay, well, not that extremely big of a deal, but nevertheless fun.
To learn more about Flickr's Explore excitements click this link:
I've always liked the square-type cropping but I've also always thought they're fantastically hard to achieve good results with. There's something about a 1:1 crop that makes composition and planning so much harder. Psychological and neuro-biologically we process things in thirds (talking about our eyes now), or so I've heard, which is probably part of the reason to 4:3 crops on photos being so common. They're aesthetically appealing to the eye.
But the unusual, the awkward, the strange, the weird, the odd, the different is just as appealing to the human creative mind, it just takes a little more to feel comfortable around it. But different is good, normal can be good, but only with the free-thought and realisation of abiding by society's laws of normality.
Only start breaking laws after learning them so you know how to break them, and know that you are breaking them.

I've also discovered something mighty interesting to a sociology student and it goes by the name Simple English Wikipedia.
Go have a look at it:
and be amazed.

Now this is modernity and 'google-nation' in its best disguise. On the surface what you find is a simple search engine, an encyclopedia made easy for "the general public". Searching and understanding information has never been easier. But that's exactly where the problem lies. Have you ever stopped and thought over why we're always in such a rush? I mean, you spend ten seconds less to understand what e.g. capitalism is because you went "simple wikipedia"ing instead of regular wikipedia, then you take those ten extra seconds and go slouch on the couch with it. Productive and logical isn't it. Better yet, you've only gotten the very general and basic outline of the concept instead of actually understanding it. But who cares, you've gotten a couple generalisations about the topic, that's all you really need about anything right.....? Who needs real deep understanding when you can have generalisations about a little more topics?

We are demanding information ever quicker, simpler, ever more concise, shorter, easier, as effortlessly as possible. The result? More and more general, shorter and shorter articles where only the mere essential points have been taken out, everything else deemed unnecessary.. by who? By whoever the author is.
It's not a secret that the larger percentage (probably >95%) of the internet contains useless or faulty information. Quality information is still mostly in books. Why you ask? Books are works that have been approved by publishers, written by authors who have sufficient interest and knowledge in their area of study, and if you found it, probably well known (thus contains good information). These works elaborate and explain each concept as they should be told, teaching us something new, giving us insight and knowledge and maybe inspire and discover new things along the way.

Modern society wants us to do things as fast and effectively as possible. Sure all we need to know about capitalism is that it's an economic system where the individuals are the owners. You would probably get by with that knowledge, at least to some extent. But you would never learn that there is a difference in classical, neoclassical, weberian, keynesian capitalism, neither would you know that industrial and post industrial capitalism has changed a great deal. All because you wanted to save five minutes of your time.

I'll be crude; we're dumbing down. This craving for efficiency not only causes stress, has turned us into monotonous auto-drones/workers (ever thought over the social and psychological consequences of specialisation? Not to speak of the consequences to stratification. But that's an entirely other matter), made us devalue the value of existence and relations, perhaps even (arguably) causing a suppression of freedom of thought, it is is also dumbing us down, to what end? A few seconds more in front of a TV where we'll be bombarded with further brief pieces of information that will only fly right over and past our head? Maybe get a second extra to cram that sandwich down your throat while you're running to work?

Open your eyes and give a second thought to the world you are living in. Don't just do because. Do because you know you should and understand why.

Sun 24 April, 2009 | comment

Winter has gone
Winter has gone
Barely took any photos during my Easter break but have nevertheless a few that I will be uploading when I get the time to.

View On Black

Yet another day I'd much rather be outside. Let the light from above shine upon my being. Let my hair take in every wavelength.
But here I am. Inside. Because a certain institution demands it.

We are all here
We are all here
enjoying the day in each our way.

View Large On Black

..and I in mine.

EDIT: I just found out I've been on flickr's Explore since mid March. My first Explore photo xD Rejoice.

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